Happy Thanksgiving

Since I’ve last updated you, a few things have happened at the house.

The huge hole in the backyard got filled.



We are going to have a lot of landscaping to do next spring.

The basement wall was finished.


And the ceiling was braced to attach the foundation wall to the floor above it.


brace 2

The holes in the floor were filled.

holes filled

The electrical box is still hanging away from the wall.  At some point we will have to have an electrician come over and get it back against the wall.  No hurry on that, though.

electrical box

The hot water heater and all the plumbing needs to be reconnected.

hot water heater

The flooring was put into the front room and the entryway.

front room


The countertop was put onto the vanity.  The hole still needs to be cut for the sink, which I hope will be installed early next week.  But I love the way it looks with the paint color and the tile on the floor.


I don’t see how we can possibly get into the house by December first.  That is Wednesday!  We still don’t have a sink, toilet or any plumbing.  The rest of the flooring needs to be installed.  I’m hoping for the 10th, or so.

In other news…

I was helping Jaden with his ‘homework’ the other day.  He was practicing writing his name.  He still gets confused about which way the hook goes on the J and he has a hard time with the ‘e.’


Jaden and the apple tree rhyme.
We will be celebrating Thanksgiving by going out to eat.  If we had been in our house, I had planned on having some friends and family over for a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast.  Maybe next year.
I know that this is has been a long challenge we have been going through, but I am very thankful that we will have a house to move back into and that my family is healthy.  God is good to us.  I just have to work harder to remember it sometimes.
Have a very happy Thanksgiving everyone.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. The floor looks nice, but with your desk color, wouldn’t white baseboards and molding look really cool? Kind of modern look.

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