Week eight since the fire

It seems that this is the series that never ends.  Wanna recap?

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It has now been eight weeks since the fire.  We have been staying in the hotel the whole time.  I am really sick of hotels.  My back hurts from this bed.  I miss my animals dearly.  And I would give anything to just curl up on my couch and watch TV with my husband.

Today, Jaden and I went out for some breakfast before visiting with the animals.  It had been over 2 weeks since I last saw them and I missed them terribly.  I think they missed me too, because I got lots of doggie kisses when we got there.  And Jaden got to play photographer for the morning.


I look a little drunk in this picture.  Jaden doesn’t really give me a warning as to when he will take the photo.  And Gabe is trying desperately to crawl out of the grasp I have him in.  And, you don’t get to make fun of my outfit.  I knew I was going to full of dog and cat hair, so I wanted to wear clothes that I wouldn’t care about getting dirty.


Jedi gave me lots of hugs, which caused my neck no get all red and blotchy.  I’m totally allergic to my animals, but they are so worth it!


Nola didn’t really want to be held either. 


Apparently, Penny and I are practicing our synchronized dancing routine.  I think I am trying to turn away from her kissing me.

penny kiss

This time I wasn’t lucky enough to avoid the tongue.  She’s pretty ferocious with that thing!

This afternoon, we are packing up and heading over to Appleton to spend the night at my cousin’s house.  Jaden is thrilled because he loves playing with Brady.

Tomorrow morning, Tim and I, along with my cousin Jason, will head over to De Pere to run the Noodleini.  I ran this race last year and Tim came along to watch.  I think it was one of his first race-spectator-experiences.  I am going to waddle run the 5K and Tim is going to run the 15K.  I am so proud of him.  It will be his longest run to date.  He has had a training run of more than 8 miles, but this is 9.3 and I can’t wait for him to finish.  He is going to do amazing!

Me, on the other hand, I’m just hoping to finish.  I haven’t been able to run more than 3 miles the last couple months and I’ve only been running about once a week.  And the weather isn’t exactly conducive to running right now.


It won’t be as cold as my coldest race ever.  That honor goes to last February’s Seroogy’s 5K, when it was 17 degrees at the start.  That was frigid.  I’m hoping that I have enough warm running clothes to keep myself from freezing.  I tried on my running jacket and it barely zips up over my ever-expanding belly.

Regardless of how fast (or slow) I run, this race will remind me how much I enjoy running.  Why else would I run in sub-freezing temperatures, when I can use the pregnancy excuse as a reason to curl up on the couch and take a nap?


One thought on “Week eight since the fire

  1. wow. i’ve been following you along since the fire and man, oh man. i don’t know how you do it. what all you’re going through right now is just a testament to your strength. cute animals, btw. i know they were so glad to see you.
    hope you get back into your house for christmas.

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