2010 Noodleini

I had a great weekend, but man am I ever paying for it now.  Maybe running in the cold isn’t such a good idea.  I am sick.  I hate being sick.  I called in sick to work this morning, and I never call in sick to work.  I even went to see a doctor…and I know I’m really sick if I go to the doctor.  Typically, I will just suck it up and go about my daily routine, a little slower than normal, until I feel better.  But, Jaden has been coughing for a couple weeks, and I think that it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when there is a little boy who living in my body.  The doctor told me that I’m sick but not dying.  That’s reassuring.  I picked up some drugs and headed back to the hotel to sleep for a few hours.  When I woke up, I made myself some soup and then went to pick Jaden up and take him to the doctor.  He got more potent drugs than I did.  Sad smile  But, then again, he’s not incubating another life.

Hopefully, with the combination of drugs, a new humidifier going strong in the hotel room and lots of rest, we will be back to normal in no time.

Moving on to more pleasant things…

pre race

Tim and ran the Noodleini race yesterday.  It was quite chilly outside…the race time temp was right about 32 degrees.  

Tim ran the 15K which started before the 5K.  He was a little nervous about tackling the distance, since he hadn’t ever run more than 8 miles.  And he didn’t sleep well the night before.

There he goes…

tim start

Then the 5K started.  I certainly didn’t have any lofty goals for this race.  I was hoping to be able to run the whole thing without any walking breaks.  I ran without any electronics, so I had no way of monitoring my progress.  It has been a long time since I’ve run without my Garmin or ipod and it was interesting to just run without having anything blasting in my ears.  I just eavesdropped on everyone else’s conversations.  Smile

I was trucking along, just past the one mile marker when I slid on a patch of ice.  It caused me to lose my balance just enough to trip on an uneven part of the road.  I tried to regain my balance, but my front half is carrying a little extra weight right now.  Down I went.  I braced myself with my hands and turned so that I would land on my side, rather than right on my belly.  I came down hard on my left knee, left hand, left elbow and shoulder.  I was a little stunned and everyone asked if I was okay.  In a situation like that, you always end up saying that you are fine before you really take an inventory of how you’re feeling.  I assured everyone that I was good and I got up and started running again. 

My hands were stinging from road rash…I had torn holes in my gloves.  (I’m very sad about that.  They were my five boroughs gloves and I loved them.  I’m going to have to search the internet for a replacement.)  My left knee was pretty sore, but I looked down and saw that I hadn’t torn my running tights.  Yippee!  I had just bought them and it was the first time I had worn them.  I would have been really pissed if I tore a hole them.

After assuring myself that nothing was broken but my pride, I started off again.  My knee stung for the rest of the race and my hands felt about the same, with the addition of cold due to the holes in the gloves.  But, I just kept moving until I got toward the end. 

I did the same thing I did last year toward the end of the race.  I saw an upcoming left turn and starting picking up the pace to the finish.  The course is an out-and-back, with a loop in the middle.  So, when I saw the left turn I knew the end was near.  Except that it was the wrong left turn.  Boo.  I still had another half mile until the left turn I was expecting.

I heard my cousin Jason cheering me on to the finish.  I tried my best to finish strong, but it is hard to run fast on a bum knee and a bruised ego.  I still managed to hold off the lady next to me at the finish.  Apparently, my competitive drive doesn’t disappear just because I’m pregnant.  But, this was my slowest ever 5K and that isn’t a whole lot of fun. 


However….I’m 6 months pregnant and I ran a 5K!  Give me another 6 months and I’ll be running my sub-30’s again.  Honestly, I can’t wait to start doing some speed work in the spring.  And when I complain about how much I hate speed work, I want you all to remind me that I was looking forward to it.

Jason and I headed in to warm up and get something to eat (and to evaluate my battle scars), before we came back out in the cold to watch Tim finish.

Here he comes…

Tim home stretch

lookin good

I was so happy to see him smiling at this point.  I was worried that he would be miserable and that he would hate me for encouraging him to do the longer distance.  But, he looked great!

tim finish

His goal was to finish around 1:45, so he did great. 

We all headed back inside so that Tim could get something eat.  The race website had said that there would be fuel at one of the aid stations for the 15K, but there wasn’t any.  Tim didn’t have any fuel with him, so during the last half of the race he started drinking Gatorade rather than water.  He was still pretty hungry when he finished.

I couldn’t wait to get back to Jason and Anne’s so that I could shower and see what my knee looked like.


It stung pretty good in the shower.  But the worst part is how it feels inside my knee.  I am definitely getting older.  Ten years ago, this wouldn’t have slowed me down, but I’ve been gimpy all day and it really hurts to bend or twist my knee.  And, since I’m pregnant, I can’t take any ibuprofen.  Sad smile

Jaden absolutely loves going over to hang out with Jason and Anne.  And Brady is his little buddy.  The two of them are pretty adorable together.  Here they are playing ‘jail’ on the stairs.


Jaden even cuddled up to baby Tyler once and he was very gentle with him.  I think he’ll be a good big brother when this baby comes.

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