December 1st

It’s December first.  Let me tell you what’s happening.


We are still living in the hotel.


My clumsiness from Sunday is still causing me to gimp around and not be able to bend my knee.  The bruise doesn’t show up that well in the photo.  It actually goes almost all the way around my knee cap.


Light Snow

18 °F  Light Snow  Windchill:  5 °F

And, it is freezing outside.  I took Jaden to school today and I almost didn’t bring his boots or snow pants.  I thought it was going to be way too cold for them to play outside.  But when I got there the teacher said that as long as the temperature is above zero, they will go outside and play.

Let me just take this moment to thank God that I am not a preschool teacher.  My classroom would have a no-outside-if-it’s-below-40-degrees rule.  The kids would hate me.

In other news, the entire family is still sick.  After taking Monday off work, I went in yesterday only to realize very quickly that it was the worst decision I’ve made in a while.  I was lucky enough that someone was available to cover for me and I went home around 12:30 and promptly fell asleep for two hours.

Jaden is getting better, but you’d expect that with antibiotics.  I can’t have any of the good stuff, so I am suffering.  I’m taking Afrin and Tylenol and the occasional Sudafed, but nothing really seems to be helping.

The last two nights were terrible.  I wake up in the middle of the night with horrible pain in my ears because of all the congestion.  I tried Tylenol both times, but still wasn’t able to fall back to sleep.  So, I decide to sleep on my heating pad.  The warmth makes the ear pain go away and helps me to sleep.  The only problem is that there isn’t an outlet by our bed.  The only outlet is by Jaden’s bed.

So, I crawl into Jaden’s bed pull-out sofa, which causes him to morph into an almost-five-year-old human velcro.  He attaches himself to my side and proceeds to elbow and kick me for the next couple hours.  Finally, I decide to get out of his bed and go back to my bed, only to discover that the alarm is going to go off in 5 minutes.

Sleep is over rated anyway, right?  Smile

But not so over rated that I won’t try to catch up on some zzz’s later today.

Oh, and now that it is officially December, I will stop turning the station on the radio when Christmas songs come on.  I am of the belief that you don’t celebrate Christmas until the calendar says December.  Now, if we could just get into our house and get the tree up.

What about you?  Have you been listening to Christmas music since Halloween, or do you wait until after Thanksgiving?


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