So close

Tim and I stopped by the house yesterday to see how close things were to us moving in.

front room

front room 2 

When the cleaning ladies were there in the morning, they moved some of the furniture and boxes into the rooms where they belong.  I am so glad they did this, especially since with my back (and pregnancy) I can’t really lift anything…and it saves us a ton of time.

dining living

living room


master 2


We obviously have a TON of unpacking to do.  They didn’t put anything into Jaden’s room or the nursery.  They didn’t put any of the spare bedroom stuff into the basement.  So there will still be some heavy lifting required.

I’m hoping to get over there today to find the bedding for our bed and Jaden’s bed,  so that we can at least sleep there tonight.  I’ll also have to go over to my mom’s to borrow some towels, since all of ours were destroyed in the fire.

As for the bathroom, there is still some work to be done.

bathroom outlet

outlet move

The outlet had to be turned from vertical to horizontal because it was running into the countertop.  The window won’t be available for pick up until Friday, but the subcontractor doesn’t work on Fridays, so he will have to do that on Monday.  We are still waiting for the toilet, sink, and the shower plumbing to be installed, so if we move in today (or tomorrow) we will have to use a different bathroom to shower and stuff.


new pipes


The plumber was there and we have water!!!

flooring done

The flooring was completed, except for the finishing piece going into the bathroom.  The shelves still need to be installed in the two closets (in the bathroom and in the hallway).  It is hard to be so close and still have so much stuff that needs to be done.

The duct work people were there yesterday too.  That is one of the last things that needs to be done.  They went in and cleaned all the vents, ducts, etc. so that any residual smoke and/or soot doesn’t get redistributed by the heating system in the house.

I really just want to move back into my house.  I am so sick of this hotel.  But, mostly, I am still just sick.  I am taking another sick day today, which we can’t afford, but there is just no way I can go to work when I can hardly breathe.  But, on the other hand, there is so much that needs to be done if we want to sleep in our house tonight and I just don’t know if I will have the energy or the stamina to get it all done.


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