That’s a good angel

Seriously, how many people do you know who take pictures of their toilets?  Really, I’m the only one?  Odd.




I just thought I’d share with you what the plumber accomplished in the bathroom yesterday.  We have a fully functional toilet.  We have a sink that we can use today, after the caulking set overnight.   And we have a shower, but we can’t use it yet because there is no curtain rod (or curtain).

So….what’s missing?


The window still needs to be replaced.  Jon was supposed to come over today, but the snow and bad roads kept him away.


This picture should be showing a reflection of me taking the photo, but since the mirror isn’t here yet, you’ll just have to take my word for it.  I look fabulous!!

Hopefully the window and the mirror will be in by Tuesday of next week….along with the shower curtain rod and other miscellaneous things like towel bars and toilet paper holders.


The shelves are installed in the bathroom closet (I love having a closet in my bathroom) and I can’t wait to start putting all our stuff on those shelves.

Today was a busy day of fudge-making for me.  I’ve never made fudge before.  I am going to my first-ever cookie exchange party on Saturday and today was the only day I had off to make something.

The only problem is that I was on-call with the ambulance service this morning.  So I couldn’t really make anything that needed to go into the oven.  I could just imagine me putting my first batch of cookies in the oven and then the pager going off.  So, I decided to stick with fudge.  I made a marshmallow fudge, a regular fudge, a peanut butter swirl fudge and a peppermint fudge.


Good thing I didn’t have much stuff in my refrigerator or the 4 pans of fudge wouldn’t have fit.  So far, I’ve only taste-tested the peanut butter one and it is pretty good.  I licked the spoon from the peppermint one and I think I’ll just do plain mint next time.  But it was still pretty good.

Last night we finally got the Christmas tree up.  Jaden has been asking for it since we moved back into the house and for some reason, it has been really important to me that we get it up for him.

We Tim bought a new fake tree during the after-Christmas sales last year and we forgot that it was a pre-lit tree.

putting together

Jaden was excited to help put the tree together, but mostly he just danced on the bubble wrap on the floor.

Nola took up her usual spot.


We didn’t have time to put all the decorations on before Jaden went to bed, but we made sure to let him put the angel on top of the tree.  I remember being hoisted up to the top of the tree as a child by my dad so that I could put the topper on the tree.  Jaden loved it.



Jaden puts the angel on the tree

Finally, I can say that it feels like Christmas.


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