Why I miss Arizona


jaden snow

It looks like Jaden would rather be in sunny Arizona too.

I don’t think the dogs like this weather either.



Penny ends up covered in snow by the time she gets back to the door.  The drift is bigger than she is!  Poor girl.

The storm had dumped about 6 inches on us by the time we woke up and it just kept coming down all day.  Not big flakes or the really wet, heavy flakes.  Just a light snow all day that the wind would whip into massive drifts.  The plows didn’t even get around to plowing our street until after 11:00 this morning!

And I drove in it!  Call me crazy!  Santa was supposed to be in town having lunch.  Well, we drove up there and no one else was there, so we just headed home.  To try to make it up to Jaden, I told him that we would have pancakes for lunch.  I didn’t have any pancake mix so I searched the internet for a recipe.  I knew it was basically flour, baking powder, milk and an egg.  I found a pretty easy recipe and Jaden helped me with the measuring.

I tried to make him a Mickey Mouse pancake, but the one for the head didn’t turn out very round.

mickey mouse

Jaden didn’t care.  He was pretty excited for the marshmallow eyes and nose and the chocolate chip smile.

My pancakes didn’t look like Mickey Mouse, but they did have raspberries in them and they were pretty fantastic.

I was supposed to go to a cookie exchange party tonight.  I have never been to one and I was really excited…and armed with about a TON of fudge.  Unfortunately, I can’t get out of my driveway right now, so I am stuck at home with my fudge.  Hopefully, we can just have a relaxing night.  But, we still have so many boxes to unpack that relaxing for too long makes me feel guilty.

The storm is supposed to continue through the night.  I am really hoping to get to church tomorrow.  It is the children’s program tomorrow and Jaden has a speaking part during the preschool part.  And I really want to dress him up in his little suit and tie.  He would be adorable.

I’m thinking that my cat has a great idea for how to spend the rest of the evening.

Gabe tree

Stay warm friends.

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