Why I miss Arizona, part two

Did you miss the first part?  Check it out here.

After getting dumped on all day Saturday, we woke up to find that the wind had blown all night long and we were basically snowed in.

snowed in

The roads were finally plowed, which meant that the ends (yes, we have a horseshoe driveway with two ends) of our driveway had drifts and ‘plow residue’ roughly four feet high.

We had heard before bed last night that church was canceled today, so we had no where to go, but a lot of work to do if we ever wanted to go anywhere (at least between now and April).

The dogs were trying to make the best of their situation.  They have a pretty intense drift to get through on their way to their usual ‘potty zone.’


After breakfast, Tim headed out to start shoveling.  We had to convince Jaden to go out and play.  Once he got out there, he had a great time.

jaden crawling

jaden far away

on hill

jaden buried

Tim wasn’t having quite as much fun.  The wind that blew all night long had changed the consistency of the snow.  Yesterday, it was light and fluffy.  Today it was thick and heavy and crusty.  He had to use the heavy shovel instead of the larger scoop.  He had to chop away at the snow and it wasn’t easy. 

phase one 

It took him about an hour to carve this path to the end of the driveway.  Meanwhile, this is how the neighbor’s cleared their driveway…


It took three swipes and less than five minutes.  I was really worried that Tim was going to hurt himself.  He really wanted to be the guy and get the driveway cleared out for his pregnant wife, but I would rather he not give himself a heart attack in the process.

quitting time

This is how far he got before calling it quits.  I had called my mom to see if there was any way she could load her snow blower onto her pickup truck and bring it over so we could use it.  Unfortunately, she was snowed in too.  While I was on the phone with her, her neighbor called asking if she wanted him to stop by and plow her out.  She said yes and he was on his way over.  I told her to see if he would have time to come and do ours, too.  I was willing to pay in large quantities of home made fudge….since I wasn’t able to make it to the cookie exchange last night.  She said that he would come over sometime.  We didn’t have any idea when, but he showed up some time after the beginning of the second quarter of the Packer game.

here comes the truck

It was a beautiful sight!

truck 2

truck 3

That is how snow removal should be done!

And this is what our driveway looked like about 15 minutes later…

side 1

other side

I hope it doesn’t snow the rest of the winter.

Tim spent a good portion of the afternoon researching snow blowers online.  Did you know that you can order them from Amazon.com and have them delivered?  We are going to wait and see if Santa brings us one this year before we buy one.  It just isn’t practical to live in Wisconsin without one.

I spent most of the day unpacking boxes.  The good news is that I was able to unpack most of our clothes.  The bad news is that they have simply redistributed themselves into random piles in my bedroom.

Tim also got the Grandmother clock hung back up.  For the last week and a half, we have heard it chiming the quarter hour from deep inside a box somewhere.  Now it is back up above the fireplace where it belongs.  Smile  He also unpacked all the stuff for the china cabinet.

We still have a lot of boxes to tackle and I have a feeling that will be on my schedule on Wednesday when I’m off.  Of course, I’d also like to go for a run that day, (I really miss my treadmill) but my knee is still giving me a lot of trouble since my fall at the Noodleini two weeks ago.  My plan was to give it a week and if it still bothered me, I’d give it another week.  Now it has been two weeks and I still can’t bend it or kneel on it.  I don’t really know what my next step should be.  Any knee experts out there??


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