MC2 White Elephant Christmas Party

This is the third year that Tim and I have attended the white elephant Christmas party with our Bible study group.  This year was the biggest, by far.  There were more than 30 people there!  Each person brought a gift to exchange and there were some unexpected favorites that got repeatedly stolen over the course of the night.

It was a lot of fun to socialize and spend time with good friends.  (And just to let you know how fertile our church is….there were 5 pregnant women there.  That is a pretty high percentage for a group of 30-ish people!)




There were some not-so-great gifts…


Yet, surprisingly, that Brett Favre photo (circa 1994) got stolen quite a few times.  I think people were planning to hang on to it for 20 years and then sell it on Ebay.

Preston with his new gift

I think Preston’s face says it all in this one.

preston trying to give his gift away

Here you can see Preston lobbying to get Teena to steal his gift.


It isn’t white, but it is an elephant.


Tim went for the gift wrapped in the black garbage bag.

Tim TV

It ended up being an old TV.  I was so glad when Betsy stole it from us.

Kevin gunny sack

Kevin got a gunny sack, but it was stolen.


Emily got a light machine, which is now in Jaden’s bedroom thanks to Tim stealing it from her.

hippie nutcracker

This hippie nutcracker was a hot item as well.


This duck went back and forth a few times.  I really wanted it.

duck and baby

It was only in my possession for a short time, but I think Baby Boy liked it.

The hottest ticket item for the night was definitely the hat.  It exchanged hands many times.

Aimee hat

Greg hat

Nat hat

preston hat

stealing the hat

It was an amazing night of good food and good friends and many laughs.  And, it was great to know that our kids were all having a blast just down the hall.


I try to take as many pictures as possible of this girl.  She is adorable!  And Jaden has a bit of a thing for her.  Winking smile


Tim has a thing for this girl.  But who can blame him?  Piper is pretty cute.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s White Elephant party.  I even have ideas for gifts already!


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