OUR House

The subcontractor packed up all his stuff and left today.  YIPPEE!!!  Our house is finally ours again.

bathroom 1

That is our new window.  And our new towel bar.  And our new shower curtain rod.  And our new toilet paper holder.

bathroom 2

And that is our new mirror.  And our new towel ring.  And me at 29.5 weeks pregnant.

I spent much of the afternoon unpacking more boxes.  We still have boxes in the garage and I think they multiply at night while we are sleeping.

We need to buy a shower curtain.  And some bath towels.  We have been using my moms since we moved back into the house.  I can’t wait to pick some out.  And I can’t wait to stop showering in the basement.  And I really can’t wait to get all those boxes unpacked!


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