Taking flight

Jaden and I made a paper airplane the other night.  It was a pair to the one that Tim made him the other night.  We started out coloring our big piece of paper.  I love watching his imagination when we do stuff like this.  He made all sorts of neat drawings and told me these amazing stories to go along with it. 

Then we had to take the planes out for a test flight.


in flight

I love that he is on his tip toes during the throw.  Smile

In other news, I showered in my bathroom this morning.  We bought a simple shower curtain liner to get us by until we find the shower curtain that we want.

Prior to my usage of the shower (and cleaning it), Nola was enjoying the tub. 

cat tub

cat tub 2

She had been spending a lot of time lounging in there.  Not sure what the draw is, but she is pretty cute.  Now that the shower is in use, she has taken to sticking her head under the faucet and drinking from there.

She’s a strange cat.


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