Merry Christmas

Christmas, 2010

Season’s Greetings

To Wonderful Family and Friends:

We hope and pray that all is well with you and your families. We are celebrating our third Christmas ‘back’ in Wisconsin and the cold, winter weather just doesn’t get any easier to handle. But we are blessed to have great friends and family close by.

This year was a busy one for us, as each year seems to be. Heather started the year searching for a job in which to use her new Medical Assistant degree. She found a temporary position in March, working at the Marshfield Clinic in Occupational Health. We were all fortunate when that turned into a permanent position in June. She is continuing to take classes toward a nursing degree. She also finished an EMT course in June and has been volunteering with the Colby Ambulance Service since August.

Tim is still working for the post office…almost 6 years now. He enjoys taking the camera out on the route and capturing God’s beauty in our rural surroundings. Tim also began running this year, maybe just to keep up with his wife. J His first race was at the local Colby Cheese Days celebration. He has since run a few more races, including a 15K, and we both signed up for the New York City Marathon lottery next November.


Jaden also ran a couple races this year. It was only a matter of time before this became a family affair. He loves to run and will tell anyone who listens about his races. He also began preschool this year and has been constantly amazing us with what he is learning. It is hard to believe that he will turn 5 just after Christmas. Time really does fly.


We are all very-much involved in our church. Tim helps with the visual ministry, Heather manages the café and is a member of the Fellowship Board and Jaden enjoys his Sunday school classes as well as AWANA on Tuesday evenings, where he is memorizing Scripture.

Much of the year was consumed with Heather’s marathon training. She trained for, and ran, the Fox Cities marathon in Appleton on September 19th…while 17 weeks pregnant. Yep, we will be adding another boy to our family in late February. Jaden is very excited to be a big brother and he loves to hug and kiss the baby and talk through mommy’s belly to his little brother.


Probably the biggest event of the year, other than the baby news, occurred on October 2nd, when we had a small house fire. Heather was out on an ambulance call that Saturday morning while Tim worked and Jaden played over at Grandma’s house. Once she returned to the house, she noticed that it was full of smoke. The fire department came and was fortunately able to take care of it without causing additional water damage.

The culprit was the bathroom fan. The entire bathroom had to be gutted down to the studs and rebuilt. The whole house had to be repainted and most of the carpeting on that end had to be torn up. We are fortunate that there was no structural damage to the house and that no one was injured. The animals were home at the time, but they haven’t shown any ill-effects from the ordeal. Unfortunately, we had to move out and into a hotel until December 3rd, while the work was being done. The animals moved into a kennel. L Upon inspecting the house after the fire, the restoration company noticed that the foundation wall along the length of the back of the house was collapsing and would need to be moved back out and anchored in place. Unfortunately, this was not caused by the fire and we couldn’t have the insurance company pay for it. Most of the work is completed now and we are in the process of getting resettled and preparing for the baby.

We hope that 2010 has been a good year for you. We pray that you have an enjoyable Christmas season and a blessed 2011.


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