Christmas Dinner

Thursday night, my dad took us all out for Christmas dinner.  My sister was up from Cedar Rapids and we went to the wonderful Hibachi place in Marshfield.  We’ve been there once before (probably over a year ago) and it is always entertaining.  We knew Jaden would love watching the chef…and my dad had never been there so we wanted to show him what it was like.

Royal Tokyo did not disappoint.  My only complaint is that it isn’t exactly vegetarian friendly.  I chose the tofu and veggies for my entrée, but they have a set appetizer of shrimp (I gave mine to Tim) and they don’t have a vegetarian soup (they gave me a larger salad).

Jaden decided he wanted to try the shrimp.  He liked it…which really surprised me.


He really liked the rice and did a decent job polishing off almost two bowls of it.  He ordered some chicken for his meal and instead of using his fork, he wanted to use chopsticks like we were.  He couldn’t get the hang of how to work them (not surprising), so he just decided to stab each piece of chicken with a chopstick and eat them that way.  Ingenuity.  Even the chef was impressed.


He tried a piece of broccoli and decided he didn’t like it.  I’ll keep trying.  The kid needs to eat more veggies.

The best part of the meal is always the flaming onion volcano. 

onion volcano

fire reaction

Although Jaden may have liked the ice cream more.

ice cream

It was a great night, with great food.  I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with my family.  And Jaden is absolutely smitten with Grandpa and Aunt Holly.



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