School’s starting again

Guess what the UPS man brought to my house yesterday?

microlab box

All my microbiology equipment!!  I’m actually getting a little excited about this class.  Which isn’t to say that I’m not terrified of it, because I am.  I tend to have a hard time focusing my eyes on microscope slides.  When I was doing my Lab classes for my Medical Assistant program, there were so many times that I just couldn’t see what everyone else could see.  Well, this time, I’m not going to have anyone else to help me.  It is just going to be me and my lab equipment huddled up in my basement trying to do gram stains.

box interior

The box was full of equipment.  There was everything from a simple plastic ruler to live cultures.  I had to inventory everything against the packing slip and then there were certain parts that needed to be refrigerated.  Everyone keeps live cultures in their refrigerator, right?  Just don’t look at what’s behind the eggs.  Smile

The class starts next Monday.  I think this will probably be the most difficult class I’ve taken in a while.  I’m hoping to do well, but microscopes really aren’t my thing.

I had also planned on taking another class toward the prerequisites needed for Mid-State’s nursing program.  But I’ve also looked into taking a one year intensive BSN program through US Oshkosh and that particular class won’t work for their prerequisites.  Instead, it appears that I will have to take a CAN class (and the national exam).  That way I will have met the prerequisites for both programs and I can decide later which one I want to pursue.  I am still going to have to take Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, but I’m hoping to find an accelerated class to take during the summer.

It looks like I’m going to be spending the next few months with my nose in a book and my eyes glued to the microscope.  Wish me luck!!


3 thoughts on “School’s starting again

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  2. You can multi-task, nurse baby, read book. Just get a music stand or something like it to set up next to where you nurse the baby.

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