Something God told me

I was at church yesterday and heard a great message on prayer that really got me thinking.  I love it when that happens.  Pastor Jason was talking about God’s attitude toward us when we ask Him for things in prayer.  God is never bothered by us asking Him anything; in fact, it delights Him to hear from us.

This got me thinking about how I react when Jaden asks me for things.  I started thinking about how I could react more Godly in my dealings with him.  I am often bothered or annoyed when Jaden comes to me asking for things, or when he repeatedly asks for the same things.  Am I teaching him how a parent responds to a request?  Is he going to grow up thinking that God doesn’t want to hear from him or that God doesn’t have time for him?  Will he grow up thinking that I don’t want to hear from him, what he is going through, what is important to him?

I know that patience is not a gift of mine.  I struggle with patience all the time.  When I am in the middle of a task, I don’t like to be interrupted, especially by a request for something I have already responded to.

I know that Jaden is five and that he is going to act like a five-year-old.  And I know that I need to give him the space and the environment to grow and learn without condemning him for acting like a five-year-old.

So, it looks like I will continue working on patience…and I’m sure Jaden will give me plenty of opportunities.

One thought on “Something God told me

  1. I just hate it when God speaks to me like that. 🙂 No, really, it’s nice to get those glimpses into the “eternity” of this parenting job… because the day to day is no picnic!

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