Smelly cat

It has been a bit of crazy around here lately.  We’ve had some interesting changes.  First….I am pleased to announce that Nola has found a new home.


Doesn’t she look stuck up in that picture? Anyway, she is now a barn cat…and I couldn’t be happier.  She can pee wherever the heck she pleases and it won’t bother me in the least.  Jaden has adjusted to the change quite well.  He will occasionally comment that he misses her, but he understands why we had to get rid of her.  Tim is more deeply saddened.  I am thrilled.  Don’t judge.  Smile

My mom brought Kenzie over the other day and Jaden went outside to throw snowballs at her.  That dog loves catching snowballs.  And is is so much fun to watch.


Last night was Jaden’s winter program with the preschool.  It was a little crazy.  There were over 100 kids and I think that each kid was accompanied by at least 3 or 4 other people.  Tim called it the Pre-K-pocalypse!

But the songs they sang were adorable.

program 1

program 2

program 3

Jaden takes an interesting approach to singing in the program.  Some songs he sings his heart out and others he seems to be quite bored.  But he will NEVER do the actions that go along with the songs.  Here are a couple of the songs they sang.  I think they could be pop-culture hits.

Here he is singing along…but notice that his hands are in his pockets. 🙂


I love this one…he is so NOT interested in what is going on. So funny!

In other news, my step dad is back in the hospital.  He went back in yesterday….only 8 days after he last got out of the hospital.  I’m really hoping that they find out what is wrong this time before they send him home.  My mom (and I) are both very frustrated with the care he has been getting and the fact that no one seems to want to figure out what the underlying problem is…choosing instead to treat the symptoms until he is stable enough to go back home.  I’m going to go to the hospital tomorrow to see how he’s doing and to try to advocate for him.  Prayers would be appreciated during this time.

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