Give ‘em a squeeze

I have been contemplating getting some compression socks for a while.  I remember the last few miles of my marathon, feeling like my legs were going to explode and wishing like anything that I had some compression socks that I could put on.  I figured that I would pick out a cute pink pair.  Something like this:

They are cute and functional and I would feel good about myself if people saw me running down the road in something like these.
Instead, mine look like this:

Actually, they look worse than that, because my thighs don’t look like that.

I can’t say that I am a fan of these compression socks.  They are quite itchy and they are really warm.  I guess that would be a good thing if I were spending my days outside in the frigid Wisconsin winters.  Instead, I am in my quite warm office, usually with a heating pad on my back.  By lunch time, I’m ready to go face-plant in a snow bank to cool off.  And if you know me at all, you know that I would NEVER want to do that.  I don’t like getting up close and personal with snow.

I got stuck with these fashionable beauties because my ankles seem to be out of control.  Actually, they are more accurately cankles.  And they are way out of control.  I had an appointment with my obstetrician yesterday (35 weeks and counting!).  The nurse asked if I was experiencing any swelling.  I stifled a laugh.  She asked to look at my legs.  I pulled up my pant leg and pulled down my sock and she went ‘Oh!’  I stifled another laugh.

She let me know that I could get some support hose that would be beneficial in relieving some of the edema.  I think I rolled my eyes out loud.  The idea of wearing support hose when I am no where near 80 years old really didn’t appeal to me.  However, it has been getting difficult to fit my feet into my shoes.  And it typically takes until the next morning for my sock line to completely disappear.  So, I’ll play 80-year old for the next few weeks.  I walk like one anyway.

In other baby-related news I just found out that my obstetrician is on medical leave, as of today.  It isn’t nice to throw such a curve ball to a very pregnant, very hormonal woman.  I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my doc or to the baby she is carrying, so I completely understand her need to take some medical leave.  But, where does that leave me?!?!  Next week I am going to see her husband, who I’ve heard is very nice.  The only problem is that if she delivers before I do, her husband is going to take some time off as well.  I offered to solve this problem and just have my baby right now.  For some reason, I don’t think they took me seriously.  (And I was VERY serious!)

p.s.  Now that I have taken the compression socks off, I have to say that they are effective.  I worked a full day today and when I took the socks off, I could feel the bones in my ankles for the first time in over a month.  Smile


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