A few baby things

This afternoon, I enjoyed a lovely little get together with some family.  Complete with cake!


It’s a Green Bay Packer cake.  And it tasted as wonderful as it looked.

My mom and my sister planned a little baby shower for me this afternoon.  It was great having some of my family over for food and hanging out.  It was really a laid back shower.  We didn’t play any games, we just chatted and ate and watched as Jaden ran off some of his boundless energy.  Smile

I think even Jedi had a good time.


Jaden helped with the gift opening.  This new baby is going to have some really cute things.

gift opening


My mom got this adorable ride-able dinosaur.  It has wheels on the feet and it makes a dinosaur roar when you press it’s ear.  I just have to keep Jaden from destroying it until the baby is old enough to enjoy it.

packer sweatshirt

This baby will definitely be a Packer fan!


snow suit

I had forgotten how cute little baby things are.

crib sheets

My aunt made some crib sheets.  Adorable.

food trays

And I’m all about the practical gifts too.  I love these food trays for freezing your homemade baby food (or milk).

diaper genie


My sister, Holly, loved this one!  Winking smile

I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.  It is starting to seem real…this baby is going to be here before I know it.  I liked my Aunt Chris’s prediction the best.  She thinks he’ll make his arrival on February 7th or 8th.  That was better than Holly guess of the 20th…simply because she is off work that weekend!


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