Five things Friday

1.  I got some lovin’ from the four-legged members of the family this afternoon.


Sometimes they are so attentive and loveable.  It is rare that all three of them will sit still long enough to capture it on film.  They dispersed shortly after this photo was taken.

2.  I think we are having Chinese food for dinner.  I haven’t had any desire to cook lately.  I think it comes from the fact that my ankles are horribly swollen by the time I get home.  And couple that with the fact that I have heartburn most of the day…there is just nothing that sounds good.

3.  My OB dilemma keeps getting worse.  At my appt. yesterday, I didn’t even get to see a doctor.  The RN did the strep B culture and did an ultrasound to verify that the baby was head down (he is).  I was supposed to see the husband of my normal OB, but he was home with his wife because she had her baby early.  So, next week, I scheduled an appointment with someone I’ve never heard of.  Then, when I was at physical therapy this afternoon, they pulled up my schedule and noticed that they appointment I had scheduled for next week had been canceled by the clinic!  (And no one ever called me….I guess they think that at 37.5 weeks, I don’t need to see a doctor.  Or, they assumed I would be delivering before that appointment.)  I called the department and got the appointment rescheduled.  Craziness…that I don’t need at this point in my life.

4.  I am getting so anxious to start running again.  I keep looking at the websites for different races coming up this spring and summer.  I really have to refrain from signing up for all of them!  I need to remember that I am going through a major life change and that my body is going to take some time to recover.  But…I really want Crazy Legs to be my come back race.  It is only 85 days from now. 

5.  Is anyone else ready for spring?  I can’t wait until this snow is gone and I can see things like green grass and flowers and trees with leaves on them.  Those things make me so happy.  I can tell that spring is getting closer.  This morning, the sun was already up when I left for work.  And yesterday, I got home before it was completely dark.  The days are getting longer!  Smile



6.  There’s a football game on Sunday.  You should all watch it.







2 thoughts on “Five things Friday

    • Um…the Packers are definitely going to win!

      She is a long haired daschund. She’s really pretty, but unfortunately, not too bright. Her hair is shorter now because we get it cut a couple times a year. It gets too matted if we leave it really long.

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