Three Things Thursday

1.  37.5 weeks.  Any.  Day.  Now.


Seriously, I am really hoping that this little guy makes his appearance sooner rather than later.  I have an appointment this afternoon…with an OB that I’ve never heard of.  Hopefully he will tell me that things are progressing.  (I still don’t look like the baby has dropped.)

2.  I’m in love with Mama Pea.


Today, I made my second batch of peanut butter cookie dough balls.  I made my first batch for the Super Bowl.  They were gone by half time.  These things are so good.  They are actually ridiculously good.  You need to make them.  Thank me later.

3.  I think I’m nesting.  Usually on my days off, I sleep.


Today, I baked bread and the aforementioned dough balls.  I’ve also washed and dried all the baby clothes.  They still need to be folded.  We picked out a new dresser for Jaden last night, so Tim will put that together this afternoon and then I can move all the baby clothes into the dresser and get the nursery all put together.  I’m making progress.  Maybe that’s why the baby isn’t coming yet…he knows that we are still getting things prepared for him. 


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