He’s here

So, a funny thing happened today.  I had a baby!  Best Valentine’s Day gift ever!!

I had been having contractions all day Sunday and by night time they were pretty intense.  I called down to the birth center and they basically told me it was my call whether I should come down right away or wait.  After Saturday’s false alarm, I knew that I did NOT want to get to the  hospital only to be sent home.  So, I stayed home and monitored my contractions with a free app that I downloaded to my phone.  Gotta love technology.  I tried to let Tim sleep, but I didn’t get any rest because the contractions were so bad. 

Finally, at about 3:30 I went out to the front room to try to rest on the recliner.  I thought that position would be more comfortable than lying flat on my back.  I wasn’t out there for very long when, in the middle of a contraction, my water broke.  At that point, I leapt out of the chair (still not sure how that was possible, but I didn’t want to get the furniture dirty) and told Tim that it was time.  Then, I went to the bathroom and he called my dad to come up and stay at the house with Jaden.

We took off for Marshfield with Tim driving waaay faster than the posted speed limit and me screaming in agony every 2-3 minutes.  I called ahead to tell them we were coming and that I wanted an epidural.  When we pulled into the emergency entrance, tim ran inside and yelled “baby coming!” and someone brought a wheelchair.  It was really hard for me to get into it because I was in so much pain.  The lady wheeled me back to the birthing center and took me into a room.  There were three nurses in there and one was already gloved with the goop on her fingers to check my cervix.  The others ones helped to get me undressed and down onto the bed.  The nurse checked me and announced that I was completely dilated and effaced and that the baby was coming now.  There would be no epidural.  I may have cried.  As Tim was coming back from parking the car, he saw people running toward the room I was in.

Once he got back there, I think I started pushing right away.  At some point, Tim called my mom and told her that the baby was coming right now.  The nurses and doctor were all very nice and encouraging.  They kept telling me that I was a pro and that I was doing a great job, but I think that is their sneaky way of patronizing you.  I was terrified to push because of the horrible tear I had with Jaden, but the doctor told me when to push hard and when to push gentle and that was really nice.

Anyway, my mom showed up just in time.  When she got there, I think I ended up having three more contractions before he was out.  She almost missed it.  Unfortunately, my sister didn’t have a chance to make it from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  But, she will come up this weekend and get some time with her new nephew.

All told, I pushed for about an hour…much better than the 4 1/2 hours I pushed with Jaden.  And the whole thing was really quick.  We got into the room at 5:05 and he was born at 6:19.  Eight pounds, 2.7 ounces, 20 inches long, exactly 2 weeks early.  (Jaden was 8 pounds, 3 ounces, 21 inches long, 15 days early.)

I still had a bit of a tear, but nothing like what happened with Jaden.  And I had a bit more blood loss than the doc would have liked, but we didn’t have to do an IV or anything and I am just trying to drink a lot of water.  Overall, I’m really tired and I feel like I sat on a grenade, but I have a precious baby boy to show for it.  He’s probably worth it.  Smile

He still doesn’t have a name.  Tim and I are having a horrible time trying to decide on one.  Suggestions are accepted.   There will be many more photos to come, but here is a taste of some that Tim took with his phone.






6 thoughts on “He’s here

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  3. Heather!!! Congratulations! I read this with great fear and trembling, praying you didn’t have another tough delivery. I am so glad to hear that it was better than before! Wow, that was fast! He is just beautiful! So, so, so happy for your little family! love you!

  4. Congratulations! Sounds like a whirlwind! I know you are thrilled that he is finally here. (And probably feeling much better, too!) Let me know when you decide on a name. I don’t have any suggestions except that if you can avoid another “J” name, it will make labeling things around the house much simpler. All our kids’ names start with a different letter so medicine bottles, etc. can be labeled with just one initial. Then again, it’s cute when the names have something in common. How about Jasper? (“Jade”n and “Jasper” being precious stones.) Just a thought!

  5. Congrats, Heather!!! Way to go. I guess that marathon training can come in handy for motherhood after all…… My only suggestion for a name is not Corben. This town just isn’t big enough for two of them. 😉

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