Logan James

So, our new baby boy finally has a name…Logan James ODonnell.  there was much facebook conversation regarding the new name, but I’m so happy that we were finally able to agree on something.  And I think the name fits him well.

My mom was so excited to be able to be there for the delivery.

Jaden is still getting used to this new person.  The first day, he stated that he didn’t want to hold the baby until he was two years old.  Smile  But he did eventually pat Logan’s head.  The verdict:  It’s soft!

After my long and exhausting day, Tim and I were treated to our ‘special meal’ provided by the hospital.  It was a valentine’s dinner that we will never forget.  And…for hospital food, it wasn’t too bad.

Day two went really well.  I started to feel better…especially after a shower!

Tim brought Jaden down after school for his audiology appt.  When Jaden went in for his 5 year check up, he missed a couple of the frequencies so we decided to get a referral to audiology.  I have also noticed that sometimes, Jaden seems to just not hear what we say.  (Of course, there are a lot of times when he chooses not to listen to what we say.)

I wish I had been able to go up to the appt, but Tim did a great job of relaying my concerns.


The doc looked in and saw a lot of impacted earwax.  I was really hoping that was all it was.  I guess he just produces more than most kids.  So, he had to go and have it softened, then removed.  Then he re-took the hearing test.  They said it was like he was a different kid!


He has another appointment in a few months to clean his ears out again.  It might be something that we have to routinely do.

Today is day three with Logan.  We started the day with some problems nursing.  He seemed much more interested in sleeping than eating.  It brought back some memories of what we went through when Jaden was born and he ended up with some pretty bad jaundice.  Logan caused me a few hours of frustration and a bit of pain.  We weren’t making any progress so they took him for his circumcision.

When he got back, he was more than ready for some mommy-comforting.  And he nursed pretty well.  We will have some work to do the next couple of days to make sure that he is consistent with his technique.

I’m about to get ready to leave the hospital.  I’m going to put some real clothes on instead of this hospital gown and start packing up all the stuff we have accumulated in our few days here.  I can’t wait to get home.  But, first….Tim needs to make a stop for me on the way.


It’s Shamrock Shake time!!


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