Yesterday we went back to the clinic to check Logan’s bilirubin levels for the third time this week.  He had to endure another heel poke (better than having to go into the vein to get the blood).  When we got to Pediatrics, the doctor told me that his levels were down to 15.3.  It wasn’t as low as I had hoped, but it was good enough for the doctor to tell us to take back the bili light.  I was really hoping that he would be closer to a 13 or 14, but 15.3 is what we got.

It has been great not having to keep Logan connected to an outlet at all times.  He is much more portable this way!  We even put him in his new swing (thanks Grandpa!)



Tim and I are both nervous that the jaundice isn’t quite gone.  His eyes are still yellow and we will probably convince ourselves that he is getting worse instead of better.  But, the doctor didn’t seem concerned and I’m trying to subscribe to the same school of thought.

Tim and Jaden went out to enjoy the snow yesterday afternoon.  I’m so glad that my husband does things like that.  I hate the snow, but Jaden has so much fun out there.  And, Tim ended up having a great time too.

Tomorrow’s game plan includes trying to get two kids to church on time…by myself.  Tim has to be there early.  Wish me luck!

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