Tired Tuesday

The last couple nights, sleep has been elusive.  Logan hasn’t been really fussy, it’s just that he makes a lot of noise when he sleeps.  He emits all sorts of squeaks and snorts and grunts that are just loud enough to keep us from falling into any type of deep sleep.  And, just when I think that I might be getting some quality shut-eye…Logan will decide to be hungry.  To say I’m exhausted would be putting it mildly.  But, he’s still the best thing that has happened to us in a long time.




I love this pic of Tim sleeping with Logan and Jedi and Penny.  I’m so jealous…that he is resting.


Do you know what I’m not jealous of? 


What the heck is with this weather?!?!  It is March!  I don’t like that we are supposed to get snow 5 out of the next seven days.  When is spring going to  be here?  This winter has been long enough.  And, if I’m being honest, I really want to run outside.


One thought on “Tired Tuesday

  1. With all his little baby noises, maybe it’s time to put him in his own room. It’s only down the hall. Or if he is in his own room turn the volume down just a bit on the monitor. You will still hear him cry when he is hungry.

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