I have always been a multi-tasker.  I am usually in the middle of doing three or four things at any given time.  When I’m on the computer for school, I have several windows open at once and I’m constantly going back and forth between them to accomplish a multitude of tasks. 

But, there is nothing that requires you to multi-task more than a newborn. 

In the past few weeks, I have discovered that I can hold a baby and fold laundry.  I can nurse a baby and type a lab report.  I can burp a baby and make dinner.  I can change a diaper and…nope.  I focus on that task all on its own!!

Even now, I have a sleeping baby on my lap.  Smile

I just wish there was a way to multi-task while sleeping.  If anyone can figure that out, let me know!  I am tired.  Unfortunately, someone else gets to spend most of his day sleeping.


and playing with the dogs.


God, I love those dimples!


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