Three Things Thursday

(It is Thursday, right?)

1.  As I continue to recover from child birth, I am enjoying spending some quality time with my treadmill.


I would really like to run outside, but it still looks like this:


I am SO ready for winter to be over! 

So, instead of pounding the pavement, I do some walk/jog intervals while this little guy watches.


He’s cheering in his own way.  “Go Mommy!!” 

2.  Tonight I have to go sign Jaden up for tee ball.  Really?  I have a kid old enough for tee ball?!  This is crazy.  I guess the decades of bleacher butt begin now.  Honestly, I just can’t imagine handing my Tazmanian Devil of a five year old a bat.  This could get dangerous, folks!

3.  Logan and I are going to head out this afternoon to get some shopping done.  I really hope we can get through the trip easily.  It can be a challenge taking a newborn anywhere because you are dependent on their mood.  He has been kinda fussy the last two afternoons, but I’m really hoping today is better.

bonus: Random Logan pictures




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