One month old

Does anyone else LOVE daylight saving time as much as I do?

Well, maybe these guys…


At least they are sharing.  Smile

Today, Logan turns one month old (and four weeks old…which is what happens when you are born in February).  We celebrated by taking a nap.


Well, Logan napped.  I took my Microbiology midterm (96%!!!) and did laundry.  Does anyone else find tiny weapons when doing laundry?


I’ve been working my way back into working out.  I started out walking a couple weeks ago and slowly worked my way up to half walk/half jog.  Now I’m doing about 3/4 jogging.  I was hoping to actually run an entire 5K on the treadmill this morning.  Unfortunately, my massive sleep deficit caught up with me and it just didn’t happen.  I ended up doing a total of 3.25 miles in 40 minutes.  I can’t wait to sleep more, for reasons other that just running.


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