Fun, then work

What do you do when you have an abundance of blueberries?  You make blueberry pancakes!  And why make several small pancakes when you can make one HUGE pancake?!


It was fantastic!  But, I almost couldn’t finish it.

Last night, we had a game night with our Bible study group.  It was so much fun hanging out with a huge group of people and playing games and talking.  Logan got passed around and actually spent some quality awake time with everyone.  It didn’t make a difference during the night.  Sad smile



Self portrait:


We played Catch Phrase and Guesstures.  The girls won!  Naturally!  But Tim gave it his best effort.


I can’t wait for the next time we get to do this.  It was so much fun.

In other news, my maternity leave was extended after my follow up visit to OB/GYN.  I was originally scheduled to go back on March 29th.  Instead, I will be returning on April 18th.  I’m grateful for the additional time home with Logan.  I’m hoping that he will continue to improve his sub-par nursing skills.  I’m also really hoping that he will start sleeping more at night.  It would be almost impossible for me to be productive at work on the amount of sleep I’ve been getting.  And the extra time will give me the chance to pump some more and establish a milk stash in the freezer.  I know that April 18th will be here way before I’m ready for it, but at least it is three more weeks with my little bug.

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