Dog sitting

Today I am dog sitting.  It is a very important job looking after a very important dog.


Jaden came up to me before he left this morning (I was still in bed) and asked me if I would watch over his puppy today because the puppy gets lonely and sad when Jaden isn’t home.  That is so sweet.  So, I have a puppy hanging out with me today.  I gotta say, I like him better than my real dogs.  This one doesn’t bark!

My cat is another story entirely.   He thinks that everything in this house belongs to him.  Including Logan’s crib.  I think he rationalizes it by thinking that if Logan isn’t using it yet, it is fair game.


He also likes balloons.

Balloon cat

Ignore the crying baby and the poor lighting.

Logan hasn’t been feeling well since yesterday.  He is really congested and has a cough.  This morning, I’ve noticed that he is wheezing a bit.  He slept a lot yesterday and last night, even giving us almost 5 hours uninterrupted at one point (trust me, I appreciated the sleep, but my body knew that it was way past time for him to eat).  He hasn’t wanted to eat much today, which isn’t like him.  He is typically a grazer and likes to eat every couple hours.   I made an appointment with his pediatrician for this afternoon.  It is probably just a cold and there won’t be anything to do, but I would hate for it to be RSV or pneumonia or something more serious and end up not doing anything for him.  It is so hard to see him so uncomfortable.  And he hates the bulb syringe when I try to clear out his nose.

I took him in the bathroom with me in his bouncy seat while I showered, hoping that the steam would help clear out some of the gunk.  He fell asleep, so I took the opportunity to make myself a smoothie.  It has been too long.


This is my chocolate-antioxidant special.  It has chocolate protein powder, frozen cherries and strawberries and fresh blueberries and spinach.  The chocolate protein powder makes it all frothy and wonderful.  it seriously tastes like a milkshake. 

I should really be working on my Microbiology lab right now, but I’m afraid that as soon as I do, Logan will wake up and wither be hungry (I hope) or just need to be held.  It is hard to look through the microscope while holding a baby. 

If you are so inclined, I’d sure appreciate some prayers that he isn’t really sick and that this is just a passing bug.  I don’t want him to be miserable any more.  I miss my happy little baby boy.


3 thoughts on “Dog sitting

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  3. A sheet over the crib and secured with clothes pins will keep the cat out. Not a thing to let the cat do, even if Logan isn’t in there yet.

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