Respiratory Syncytial Virus

So, Logan has RSV.  It is a nasty little respiratory virus, that actually isn’t very serious if you are an adult.  But, for a five week old, it is something that you definitely want to keep an eye on.

I’ll start from this morning.  I very nice respiratory therapist named Tim came in to do another nebulizer treatment.  Logan really doesn’t like the treatments…it is basically smoke being blown in his face…but he is so tired and lethargic that he doesn’t have much fight in him to protest.

Since then, he has had one more treatment.  It is my understanding that he will continue to get them every 4-6 hours.

There isn’t a whole lot they can do to treat him right now, but there are ways that his condition could deteriorate and then they would need to treat him.  They are monitoring his oxygen saturation and it is usually stable in the low to mid 90s…unless he is crying or coughing.  If his oxygen saturation gets too low, they will put him on some supplemental oxygen.   they are also monitoring how often he eats and everything that comes out of him.  I have to write down every time I feed him and they take all his dirty diapers to weigh them so they know how much he is excreting.  They want to make sure that he doesn’t get dehydrated.  If that were to happen, they have to put an IV in him to provide additional fluids.

They also keep an eye on his respiratory rate and effort.  He is breathing about 60 times per minute (that’s fast) and all the muscles around his rib cage are contracting with every breath.  He is really working hard to get air in and out.  And that is why he is so tired.  Seriously, he has not spent any time awake the last two days other than to eat.  The act of breathing takes all of his energy.  It breaks my heart to watch him struggle so much.

And speaking of heart, his oxygen monitor also keeps tabs on his heart beat.  It is usually around 190-200, but if he is nursing or has a coughing fit, it will go as high as 220.  Kinda disconcerting. 

There is also going to be a blood draw tonight.  I am not sure if it will be more traumatic for Logan or for me.  They are going to check his electrolyte levels to make sure that he isn’t dehydrated.

It has been a pretty slow day here.  I’m kinda stuck in Logan’s room, although the nurse did give me a reprieve this morning so I could go downstairs and get a cup of coffee.  Smile  We have a bunch of friends and family in the area, but they can’t come in to see Logan because he is basically quarantined.  Preston and Dawn stopped by this afternoon to pray with me…and bring cake.


She brought me three HUGE pieces of cake.  I ate one and a half pieces right away and I think I’ll try to save the rest for after dinner (maybe).

Another neat thing about this hospital is the number of volunteers.  There are always people around, volunteering, asking if you need anything.  This afternoon, a volunteer came by handing out teddy bears and blankets that had been donated to the Pediatric wing by some other wonderful and kind people in the community.

image   image

Theoretically, I have had a ton of time to get my microbiology chapter read today.  In reality, I have spent a lot of time doing next to nothing.  I tried to nap, but nurses and doctors and respiratory therapists kept coming in and waking me up.  So, I go back and forth between putzing around on the internet (trying to catch up on blog reading), to reading a couple pages of Micro, to scanning the TV channels to see if there is anything interesting.  Every once in a while, I will play a game of sudoku on my phone. 

So, that is the story from here.  I will covet your prayers for a speedy recovery for Logan.


5 thoughts on “Respiratory Syncytial Virus

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  2. I will keep Logan and your family in my prayers. My heart goes out to you – hearing about how much work it is for him to breath. Hope he recovers quickly. Rest as best you can.

  3. I am so sorry that Logan is going through this! All of us prayed for you tonight (Mia and Maggie also, though they were pretty cute trying to figure out who Logan is!). That’s a lot of stress to have… I wish we could help in person… but know we love you and are praying since we can’t be there.

    And… drink more coffee. Yum.

    • I wish you were here too. Be sure to hug the girls for me and thank them for their prayers. And I am already looking forward to my sugar free vanilla soy latte in the morning. 🙂

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