Have you ever been this tired?

I don’t routinely like to make fun of myself, but I did something really weird today.

I was hanging out with Logan in the PICU and the nurse suggested that I get away from the hospital for a little while…take a walk, get some lunch, some fresh (cold) air, just be somewhere else for an hour or so.  I thought it was a nice idea.  So, I went and grabbed a salad for lunch and decided that I would go to Target to pick up some underwear and socks so that Tim wouldn’t have to travel the treacherous roads just to bring me clean underwear.

I got to Target and pulled into the parking spot, grabbed my purse and the car seat and started walking to the store.  I got just about to the doors when I realized that I was carrying the car seat…and that my baby wasn’t in the car seat; he was in the hospital. 

However, I was almost to the doors and it was cold and windy and snowy out, so I just decided that I would throw the car seat in the cart and do my shopping.  No one would know that it was an empty car seat and that I was certifiably crazy!

Until….I happened to run into a friend.  She saw the car seat and asked if we were on our way home.  I was busted!  I had to explain to her that I was just crazy and really tired.  We laughed about it, the cashiers at Target laughed about it, the nurses at the PICU laughed about it (the next shift of nurses are still laughing about it).  And now, you can laugh about it too. 

I really am THAT exhausted.  I think I’ll try to study Microbiology now.  Smile

One thought on “Have you ever been this tired?

  1. Oh, Heather! A figment of a baby makes perfect sense. 🙂 We’re so concerned for Logan and praying for his complete recovery – and a sense of peace and rest for you.

    Hope Tim has been fine with the weather…

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