More tubes


So far today, Logan has gotten a central line…you can see it on his leg in the photo.  This will help to administer medications and alleviate the need to poke him every time they need to do a blood test.  They will be able to draw blood from the line, instead.

He has also gotten a little catheter so that they can monitor his urine output.  They have to know how much is coming out, so they can know how much to put back in.

They have started feeding him through the NG tube.  They have to start out small…basically 1/2 an ounce per hour to be sure that he can tolerate it.

They are still beating on his chest regularly to try to loosen all the secretions in his lungs and then suction them out.

Early this morning they took a blood sample to culture to look for signs of sepsis.  That would be really bad.  Actually, this whole thing is really bad, but sepsis would kinda suck.

Also, his hemoglobin levels are low, so they may be giving him a transfusion to try to get that back up.

I can hear the doctor now, so I’m hoping for an update.


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