No sepsis!

Last night, the wonderful PICU nurses found a cot for me to sleep on.  It wasn’t exactly the Ritz, but it was nice to be able to sleep in a horizontal position for the first time since Sunday.

Yesterday, Logan improved slightly.  They adjusted some of the settings on the ventilator to try to get his respiratory rate and CO2 output where they wanted them.  His heart rate is still a little high (a side effect of the albuterol from the constant nebulizer treatments). 

His face is very puffy from the IV fluids and all the boluses he has been getting.  They did give him a small diuretic yesterday to try to pull off some of the excess fluid.  He got a catheter yesterday so his urine output can be monitored.  Every time he pees, there is a  little party in his room!

Logan was started on vancomycin yesterday to treat a bacterial infection.  He has a strep infection in his trachea.  Originally, they were treating it with ampicillin, which is a less aggressive antibiotic.  The preliminary blood culture showed some bacterial growth, so they wanted to start attacking that infection as soon as possible.  Vancomycin is the most aggressive antibiotic they can use.  The doctor just came through on rounds and told me that the blood culture was negative!!!  So, we can stop the vancomycin and go back to the ampicillin.

Logan is getting breast milk through his feeding tube, but he hasn’t pooped yet.  Hopefully, he will do that today.  If he doesn’t poop, his belly will get distended, which will cause his diaphragm to not fully contract, which will cause some problems with the ventilator.  It is better if he poops on his own, rather than having to give him a laxative of some sort.  I think they are going to give him a stool softener this morning.  Any time you are on a narcotic pain reliever (his fentanyl) it can cause you to become a little constipated.

They still have him completely sedated and that will continue until he is extubated. 

The doctor mentioned the possibility of using a different ventilator starting on Monday.  It is one that would utilize a sensor on his feeding tube that would recognize the electrical impulses between his brain and his diaphragm and start the breath earlier.  They are going to monitor him over the weekend before they decide whether or not to switch ventilators.

Tim was able to come down last night and I think he is going to come down today and tomorrow as well.  Jaden hasn’t been down here since Logan was first admitted.  I’m thinking maybe Tim could bring him by after church on Sunday.  They have a special program in the PICU for siblings where they explain everything that is going on before the child goes into the hospital room.  They tell them what all the machines are and what their sibling is going to look like, and they explain it in a way they can understand. 

The doctor basically told me that this is a marathon, not a sprint.  I smiled and told him that it was an analogy I could relate to.  Smile  He suggested that I take a few hours each day and get out of the hospital…go see a movie, get a meal, take a nap, something.  I don’t want to leave Logan for more than a few minutes, but I understand why he said that.  Especially since I am getting sick too.  I hope I haven’t picked up Logan’s strep infection, but I have a sore throat and runny nose.  I’m trying to drink a lot of water to combat the really dry hospital air.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.  there is no way that Tim and I could get through this ordeal without you all and we really appreciate it.


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