Tummy time


There is an interesting process that happens when your child is in the PICU.  At first, you are too scared and nervous to even leave the room to go to the bathroom.  After a day or so, you can leave for a little while, but you are certain that all the nurses have your cell phone number and your write it in huge numbers on the white board in his room.  After a couple days, you begin to trust the staff to know what they are doing with YOUR child and you can go to a friend’s house and take a nap.

A wonderfully glorious nap without any nurses interrupting me or any monitors beeping.  Smile

As you can see from the above photo, they moved him onto his stomach today.  They are going to flip him over every 4 hours.  When he is on his stomach, the gunk in his lungs can drain better.  And this way, they will be moving his head from one side to the other to be sure his neck muscles don’t get really tight in one direction.

This morning, the nurse inserted a suppository to help him poop.  It is important that he poops so his belly doesn’t get distended.  It took most of the day, but he finally squirted a little bit out.  He was lying on his belly at the time, so it ended up making a mess and they had to change the dressing covering his central line.

He has been tolerating the tube feedings pretty well, so they increased the volume.  They also had to fortify the milk to give him some more calories.  They add a little bit of soy-based formula to the milk prior to hooking it up to the feeding tube.  I had to request the soy-based, rather than a milk based protein.  I have worked so hard to remove the dairy from my diet because he was having a hard time with the dairy.

I think the best part about today (other than my nap) is that I didn’t cry today.  I teared up a couple times, but no actual tears were shed.  I’ll take that as a victory.


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