Hurry up and wait

IV’s on little babies don’t last very long.  They told me that when they put it in.  Last night, Logan’s IV failed on us.  They were going to put a new IV in, but decided to wait a while and push everything through his central line.  It requires a little bit of planning because he has so much going in…fluids, fentanyl, potassium and magnesium, ampicillin, verced.  Some of those are continuous, some are pushed over the course of an hour, some can be pushed over the course of a couple minutes.  I have a feeling he will be getting another IV at some point.

Another new thing that has been going on is that he gets a little fidgety and his oxygen saturation drops.  I really don’t like it.  There have been times they have had to switch from the ventilator to the bag valve mask and bag him until his saturation goes up.  Then they suction all the gunk out of him that was causing the low saturation levels and his fidgeting in the first place.  They don’t seem to be too concerned about it, but that is the one alarm that concerns me when it goes off.  Most of the other alarms I have learned to ignore.  I just look at Logan and if his chest is still going up and down, I figure he is good.

Several of the nurses and my family members, as well as the different respiratory therapists and the doctors have encouraged me to get a room over at the Ronald McDonald House across the street.  I have been fighting them because I don’t want to leave my baby boy.  But, in reality, there isn’t much that I can do for him here.  He has one-to-one nursing care.  He is very well taken-care of.  I should really be worried about taking care of myself at this point.  I have come down with a cold (or, more likely, RSV) and have a runny nose and cough and sore throat.  I’m not getting enough sleep.  When he is finally extubated and the feeding tube is removed, Logan is going to need me.  I’ll have to be nursing again and I won’t have the option of going to the Ronald McDonald House.

So, I called them today and they do have a room available.  I answered all of her questions over the phone and they are going to run a background check on me (comforting to know they do that for everyone staying there).  I’ll go over there sometime later this morning and get checked in.  I imagine I will still spend most of my time at the hospital, but it will be nice to know that I have a bed available for me to sleep in at night, or if I need a nap during the day.  I hate the idea of being away from Logan, but I know that I need to stay healthy and rested so that I am able to take care of him when he needs me.  I can’t afford to run myself into the ground.  (Speaking of running…I would give anything for a nice 5 mile, mind-clearing run right now.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that is in the cards for me anytime soon.)

Doctor Stewart came through this morning.  He showed me the X-ray from today.  There is still a bit of gunk in his lungs that is causing him to have a bit of difficulty expelling air.  He looks a little barrel-chested from that.  The ET tube (airway) is still in a good place.  There is only about a one inch area that the tube can be in for it to work properly, so they are doing X-rays every day to make sure that he doesn’t move it around.  Sometimes, after the X-ray, they need to adjust the tube placement, but it has been good for the last couple of days.

His hemoglobin levels have been low since he got here.  Probably for two reasons.  One, he has a viral disease and his red blood cell formation by his bone marrow has been suppressed.  Two, they are giving him IV fluids, which is diluting his blood.  His levels have gone up from 7.4 yesterday to 7.9 today, so they are just going to keep an eye on them.  (Normal hemoglobin levels for a one month old are 11-15.)   The doctor would prefer to not have to give him a transfusion (I would prefer that as well), so we are going to see if his bone marrow can get kicked into high gear a start producing more red blood cells.

They are still giving him diuretics to try to pull some of the fluid off him.  His face is very puffy and swollen.  The doctor explained that Logan basically gets to ‘borrow’ the IV fluids.  He is supposed to be peeing them out to ‘return’ them.  They are keeping an eye on his blood pressure, as well.  If his blood pressure goes down, then they have to give him more fluids, which will cause him to puff up more and will further dilute his blood, resulting in lower hemoglobin levels.

They are going to give him another suppository later this morning to encourage him to poop again.  Yesterday he pooped once, but they want him to be a little more regular so they can avoid the stomach distention that would cause his diaphragm to not fully contract.  They are still giving him the fortified breast milk.  They have to fortify it so that Logan can get the most calories in the least volume.  If they start giving him more volume, and he still isn’t pooping, then it will just cause stomach distention. 

Dr. Stewart says that we are basically in a holding pattern right now.  We just have to let his little body get better and start to fight off this horrible infection.  (He must not know that I have zero patience!)  There is no indication of when he might come off the ventilator, or when we might see some significant improvement.  So…we wait.


3 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait

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  2. You’re right, dear. This is a marathon for Logan and for you …. just like in a long run, picture the finish line … picture being exhausted and up all night because Logan is crying and fiesty and hungry and acting like a perfectly normal baby who missed his mama while he was sick and sedated through most of this horrible thing. That day is coming … he’ll be pulling your hair and spitting up on you and pooping out his diapers and squealing with happiness before you know it. Trust God. Pray without ceasing. I know I am, for all of you. He is able. XOXOXOXOXO

  3. Still praying for you guys. It sounds so traumatic. I hope you don’t mind but I put a link to your blog on Adventures in StoryVeale and asked readers to be praying for you guys.

    It’s times like this I wish we were closer together… good luck with the waiting. Don’t you hate it when God develops maturity in us???? 🙂

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