The nurse has me excited that we are turning a corner today.  While I was disappointed that Logan had to receive a blood transfusion today (did I say he was O positive, I meant A positive…he got my dimples and my blood type!), the extra red blood cells seem to be benefiting him greatly.

He has been de-sat-ing (when his oxygen saturation drops), any time the nurses did anything: suction, adjusted him, changed his diaper, moved his head, etc.  Today, he only de-sated once and it picked up on it’s own…without having to be bagged or to have his oxygen percentage increased!  He is now on room air through the ventilator now.  That is another victory.  And, trust me, I am counting every single victory!

He has continued to have bowel movements, so it doesn’t look like he will need another suppository. 

I haven’t heard from the nurse what his hemoglobin level was since they gave him the transfusion, but I’m assuming it is considerably higher than the 7.1 it was this morning.

They have continued to suction him and the gunk that they are pulling up is mostly whitish in color, as opposed to the thick yellow and green secretions they had been suctioning.

There was a bit of an issue with his central line today when one of the ports (there are two) became clogged with a blood clot after the transfusion.  For a while, we weren’t sure if they were going to have to start a new IV.  Eventually, they were able to use a tiny syringe (small syringe=higher pressure) and some heparin (blood thinner) to clear the line.  Whew!!


His face is less swollen today…and this photo was taken right after we flipped him from belly to back.  Unfortunately, he pooped while he was on his belly and gravity worked against and got everything dirty.  So now they have to change the central line dressing.

Hopefully things will continue to improve throughout the night.  I’m hoping for extubation on Tuesday!  (There has been no word from the doc on when that will happen, but I have been praying that Tuesday will be the day.)  Pray for that.  It has now been 96 hours since I have held my son.  Sad smile


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