New tube

Sounds like Logan had a restless night.  The night nurse told me that he just seemed to have a hard time settling down.  He kept trying to turn his head and they actually ended up giving him an oral (through his feeding tube) sedative…and even that didn’t work very well.  He is just getting sick of having the tube.

He has developed a bit of a rash on his back.  It looks like it could be a heat rash.  They ordered a cream to put on it.  He also has a rash around his central line dressing. 

They have changed the nebulizer treatments from every two hours to every four hours and they are going to keep the chest PT at every four hours.  And they are still flipping him every four hours.

The plan for today is to insert a new NG (feeding) tube.  the new tube will have a sensor on it that will work together with the ventilator.  The sensor has the ability to ‘read’ the electrical impulses his brain sends to his diaphragm and the ventilator will respond by giving him the breath.  The benefit is that this system can sense when he wants to breath earlier.  Currently, the ventilator responds to him initiating a breath, or if he ‘forgets’ to breathe, the ventilator will give him a breath.  The new system will respond quicker by reading the electrical impulse. 

This new system will allow them to use less sedative and will be easier on Logan.  It is also able to recognize different types of breaths.  If he wants to sigh or yawn, the ventilator will respond and give him a bigger breath.

I haven’t heard from the doctor on when we will start weaning him from the ventilator.  I was still hoping for extubation tomorrow, but that might be wishful thinking.  His peak levels need to be in the low 20’s, but preferably in the teens before they’ll extubate.  They are currently in the mid- to high 20’s.


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