The alien is back


Since removing the ventilator yesterday, Logan hasn’t improved as the doctor had hoped.  We started out with some supplemental oxygen, then moved to the vapotherm.  This was the same thing they put him on when we were initially transferred to the PICU.  It is a nasal cannula that delivers warmed, humidified, pressurized oxygen.  They had him at 28% oxygen at a flow rate of 8 liters. 

They also increased his nebulizer treatments from every 4 hours to every two hours to every hour.  Then they moved to continuous nebulizers.  Originally, they had a mask on him delivering the albuterol, but he kept wiggling out of it and didn’t get much rest all night.  So, this morning they put the hood back on and he seems to be tolerating it better.  He is still a little restless, but that is a side effect of the albuterol.

He hasn’t had anything to eat since 4:00 am yesterday and they are giving him IV fluids right now.  He is wanting to nurse.  He keeps turning his head and rooting when we give him his pacifier.  I desperately want to feed him and I hope that we can get to that point today.

After my amazing three hours of holding him yesterday, I haven’t been able to get him in my hands again.  The vapotherm and the continuous nebulizer treatments are preventing that. 

The doctor hasn’t been in to do rounds yet, so I’m still waiting to hear from him regarding what the X-ray looked like and what Logan’s labs looked like this morning. 

I ordered some breakfast from room service this morning.  I am getting so sick of choking down those meals.  There are so few vegetarian options…especially for lunch or dinner.  Since I’m the parent, they only provide two meals each day and I am just about worn out on it.  Last night, my dad stopped by and gave me some cash so that I could go down to the cafeteria and make myself a big salad and baked potato.  It was a nice change.  I wish I could afford to do that more often.  I don’t know if I can stomach another soggy, flavorless veggie burger with wilted lettuce.

Today I am praying that we can wean Logan off the continuous nebulizer treatments and that I will get to hold him again.  (And maybe that we can get out of the PICU and back over to Peds.)


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