More good news and bad news

Last night, Logan’s nebulizer was empty.  I let the nurse know and he told the respiratory therapist to come in and fill it up.  In the meantime, I took the hood off him and picked him up!  It was great to hold him.  Dr. Stewart walked in as I was holding him and I guess I got a little defensive.  I saw him coming and I said “I’m not doing anything!”  He laughed.  But, he did let me continue to hold him for about half an hour.  Of course, I had to hold the nebulizer tube in his face and he didn’t care for that much.

Today, Dr. Stewart’s rounds provided both good news and bad news.

The good news:  Logan is going to get to eat today.

The bad news:  It is through an NG tube.  Sad smile

Putting the tube in was pretty traumatic for him.  The last time they put one in, he was sedated.  He did NOT like this!




He is still on the continuous nebulizer treatments.  I am really hoping that we can scale those back today, but I haven’t heard from the doc yet.

I’m hoping that once he gets some milk in his belly, he will be a much happier baby.  Maybe he will even get some quality sleep for the first time in two days.


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