Dr. Stewart came in this morning and told me that we are going to discontinue the continuous nebulizer treatments and move down to doing them every two hours.  This is great news!  First, it means that he doesn’t have to wear that alien hood that he has had on for several days.  And, more importantly, it means that he is showing improvement!!  Smile

And, it means that when I want to hold him (all the time), I won’t have to fight with the nebulizer tube.  I am very encouraged by this news.  His lungs are sounding a lot more clear and he isn’t wheezing quite as much.  If he does well with the nebulizer treatments every two hours, they will try reducing the flow on the vapotherm (humidified, heated, pressurized oxygen). 

They are also increasing his tube feedings to give him some more calories and nutrients to see how he handles it.  He had been doing fine, so they just want to see him continue that way with a little bit of a faster rate of feeding.

More good news…the doctor has discontinued his antibiotics.  Logan completed a full treatment of two different antibiotics to treat a strep infection.  And with the end of the antibiotics comes the end of the central line!!!  The nurse took it out this morning.  I am so glad that is out.  It means that he doesn’t have any access to his circulatory system.   No way to give him intravenous fluids.  He is going to have to take all his nutrients by mouth!!

Right now, the only treatment keeping us in the PICU is the vapotherm treatments.  It is a treatment that needs to be more closely monitored than what is possible outside of the PICU.  Hopefully they will be able to wean him off that machine today and maybe we can be back in Peds tonight or tomorrow!

Wanna know how to tell when you’ve been in the hospital too long?


We have had such a great support system through this ordeal.  People have been praying and bringing me food and snacks so that I don’t have to eat hospital food.  It has been great to have some visitors to break up the monotony of spending all my time in this small hospital room.

Today, pray that Logan does well with the less frequent nebulizer treatments and that we will be able to successfully wean off the vapotherm.  I want to go home this weekend!!


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