You know you’re in pediatrics when…


…the attending physician does his assessment sitting on the floor.  Smile

They found Logan a swing to sit in.  Granted, it is pink, but I don’t think he cares.  He is just happy to be out of that little bed.


We kept progressing today.  The nebulizer treatments are every two hours and the chest PT has been decreased to every 12 hours.  We also started stepping down his vapotherm.  We were at 28% O2, 8 liters per minutes.  Now we are down to 25% and 6 liters per minute.  He will stay at that overnight and they will get another chest X-ray in the morning to make sure that there aren’t any problems creeping back up.  If everything continues to look good, we will keep dialing down the vapotherm throughout the day tomorrow.

There is a chance that the feeding tube could come out tomorrow and we would try to feed him by mouth.  Just as we tried a few days ago, he would first have to take clear liquids, then breast milk by bottle and then I could try nursing him.

He keeps pulling at the tubes on his face.  He has loosened his NG tube several times today and we have to keep advancing it back down and retaping it.  We really don’t want him to pull it up and have the food start emptying into his lungs.  That would be really bad.

Dr. Stewart is off the next couple of days, so Dr. Fernandez will be here.  He was here last week when Dr. Stewart was in Arizona.  As he was leaving, he told me that he hopes I’m not here when he gets back.  Not nearly as much as I do!!


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