Day thirteen

Progress is slow.  Today the vapotherm will be reduced from 6 liters per minute to 5 liters per minute.  If he does well with that, they will take him to 4 liters per minute tonight.  That means that it will probably be tomorrow at the earliest before he will try to eat anything by mouth.  But…progress is progress, right?

Last night, the nurse gave him a bath.  When he was intubated and hooked up to all sorts of different machines, bathing was pretty low on the priority list.  But, now he is clean.  And they even put some clothes on him for the first time since we got here.  He almost looks like a normal baby…except for the tubes in his nose.


He is getting a nebulizer treatment right now, but after that, we are going to cuddle and watch something on Hulu.  That almost sounds normal.


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