No more RSV

The nurse this morning came in and swabbed Logan for RSV.  This is the third time it has been done…initially at the pediatrician’s office, this past Monday, and this morning.  Today’s finally came back negative.  What does this mean?  It means the nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists don’t have to don a gown, gloves and mask every time they come in the room.  Smile  And, it means that the virus has left the body!  Logan is getting better and we actually have objective evidence of it!

I told you this morning that they lowered the flow rate of his vapotherm.  It is currently running at 5 liters per minute.  His oxygen saturation went down a little bit when they lowered it, so they adjusted the vapotherm to administer 30% O2 rather than 25% and his saturation jumped back up.  The doctor wrote orders for his saturation to stay above 95%, so if it falls below that, they need to adjust things.  I guess this is why they are moving slowly.  The virus may be gone, but his lungs took a beating the past couple weeks and they want to be sure they allow them to heal before asking them to work at peak performance.

Logan spends most of each day resting comfortably and spitting his pacifier out repeatedly.  Before we came to the hospital, he would occasionally take a pacifier.  Now that they aren’t letting him eat anything (still feeding him via the NG tube), he needs to suck.


We had some cuddle time this morning while I watched this week’s episode of Private Practice.

Then I got to see Jaden!  He had spent the night over at his friend Savana’s house and had so much fun

image   image

He brought me a surprise.  In his words, “It’s not a necklace.”  Smile


I think he might have had too much fun at the sleep over…

image       image

At 7:00 a.m. he went outside to blow bubbles…in his pajamas and Savana’s hat and boots.  Smile

I wonder how his ‘wife’ Payton feels about him spending time with another woman.

image  Smile

Jaden and Savana came down with Savana’s mom to go bowling this afternoon and I met them down in the hospital waiting room.  It was so great to see him.  I got a lot of hugs and kisses.  And he explained to me how much he loves his new Star Wars video game that he gets to play with daddy.

Then, he and Savana went bowling.  (check out the shoes!)

image    image

The resident (my favorite resident…because she actually takes the time to talk to me) came in just now and said that we are going to lower his vapotherm again to 4 liters per minute and 28% O2.  Then we keep a close eye on him to see how he responds.  Hopefully, he will continue to get better.  His respirations and heart rate have been right where the docs want them to be.  His respirations are consistently in the mid-30’s and his heart rate is usually around 150-160.  So much better than when we got here and his respirations were in the 60’s and his heart rate was over 200 (up to 230).

If he is still doing well tomorrow, they may wean the vapotherm a little more and see if they can start some oral feeding.  He has to do well from a bottle before I can nurse him. 

I asked the resident about when she thought we might get out of here.  A couple days???  Nope.  Conservative estimate…next weekend.  Aggressive estimate…4-ish days.  I was really hoping for sooner.  We should be out of the PICU in a couple days, once he gets off the vapotherm.  But then he will probably have supplemental oxygen .  They can’t send us home until he has been off oxygen for 24 hours. 

I was warned that once they try to wean him off the oxygen, he may start de-sating again (when his O2 level drops).  They will try to wait him out for a little while to see if he can raise the level on his own, but if he can’t, they will have to put him back on oxygen and then the 24 hour count down begins again.

So, I have discovered the Peds laundry room and I will be doing a load of laundry tomorrow.  I am grateful for everyone who has continued to help me and my family through this ordeal.  I have had food delivered to the hospital (limited vegetarian options in the cafeteria) and to Tim and Jaden at home.   I can’t express enough how much that means to me.  I can’t imagine how crazy I would be going right now if I knew that I another week of eating cafeteria food.  Blech!  Or that Tim and Jaden were going to continue to eat frozen pizzas. 

Today I’m praying that Logan will tolerate this new reduction in the vapotherm and continue to improve so we can get out of the PICU and back over to Peds.


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