One more day?

Dr. Fernandez said that tomorrow might be our last day in the PICU!  After that, we would head back over to Peds to finish getting better before going home.  I welcome the transition back to Peds.  Even better news…I might get to nurse him tonight.  That would be fantastic.  Granted, I would need to have a nurse in the room in case he started to choke, so that she could suction him.  But we are making amazing progress.  Maybe we will get to go home before next weekend.

As for today’s adjustments…the vapotherm has gone from 4 liters per minute, to 3 liters per minute with the plan to go down to 2 liters tonight.  He is on 22% oxygen (room air is 21%…we are almost there).  They have discontinued the chest PT (pounding on his chest to loosen the secretions) and the have decreased his nebulizers to every 4 hours.  Smile

I finally found the laundry room in Peds and am doing some laundry so that I have clean clothes to wear.  I was hoping to get outside and go for a walk (run?) today, but is is dreary and overcast and raining, so it looks like I’ll be staying put.

This is the third Sunday in a row I haven’t been to church.  I desperately miss it and can’t wait to get back.   I even miss my dogs….and I don’t particularly like my dogs all that much.  Winking smile


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