Apparently, it isn’t a good time to be a sick kid.  After we got transferred out of the PICU to the NICU last night, we were scheduled to go back up to Peds this afternoon.  It would be our last stop before going home.  Except that Peds is also full.  If you live in central Wisconsin, don’t let your kids get sick right now.  There is no room at the inn.

Instead, we are going to stay in the NICU another day.  Even though Logan no longer needs intensive care.  The vapotherm was shut off this morning!!  And his tube feeding was stopped.  He still has the NG tube in, as a precaution, in case it is needed.  But, it won’t be.  He is nursing like a champ.

Unfortunately, I had to leave my lovely NICU suite because another family is coming to stay there tonight.  Their baby is going home with them tomorrow.  (I hope mine is too!!)  They did find me a room in the birthing center.  It is a hospital bed, and it isn’t nearly as cozy a room, but it will work.  And I’ll be relatively close when they call me to come feed him in the middle of the night.

When they discontinued the vapotherm, they checked a blood gas, which looked really great.  They are going to check another gas at 4:00 this afternoon to see how he is doing on room air.  Hopefully, it will be just as great.  His oxygen saturation has been really good since he came off the vapotherm.  They are also doing another chest X-ray this afternoon, just to double check his lungs to make sure they are clear.

I am going to be really surprised if we don’t get to go home tomorrow.  That is what I’m praying for today.


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