Not the move I was hoping for

Around 10:30 last night, Dr. Fernandez came into our room and announced that he had a problem.  There were two kids on their way to the hospital that were going to need to be in the PICU.  The problem was that the PICU was full (that’s sad).  So…he wanted to transfer the two healthiest kids elsewhere.  One kid was healthy enough to go to Peds.  That kid was not Logan.  Sad smile   Because of the vapotherm he is on, he still needs to be in intensive care.  So, we went downstairs to the NICU.  He will have one of only two private rooms.  Most of the babies are in warmers in a common area where they can be constantly monitored by nurses and other personnel.

The private room is much smaller than the private room in the PICU, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in ambiance.  It is a much happier room. 

image   image

And, I because the room is so small, and there really isn’t any room for me to sleep there, I got to stay in the NICU suite.  Sweet!

image image


image  image

My own private sleeping room with a private bathroom and refrigerator.  I love the NICU!  It is an awesome place for parents of really sick babies to get some sleep.  And I really tried to get some sleep.  But it was 11:30 by the time Logan got settled in his room.  Then I came to say good night to him.  After that I had to pump and it was almost 12:20 by the time I got to sleep. 

At 5:00, the phone in my suite rang.  Logan had been fussing for about an hour and the nurse asked if I wanted to come and nurse him.  Duh!  Of course I want to nurse him.  It was so nice.  We sat in the chair and just hung out for a while.  Then, I went back to the suite and went to bed.

Now, I’m waiting for the doctor to come through on rounds and see if we can get Logan off the vapotherm and moved to Peds.


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