Thank you isn’t enough

Things are starting to get back to normal around here.  If you can consider life with a newborn ‘normal.’  I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it feels to be back home.  I am really loving having all my boys together under one roof (yes, I am considering Tim one of my boys).

I am trying to get caught up on all the school work that I fell behind on while we were in the hospital.  I am fortunate enough to have a very understanding instructor, but I hate the feeling of being behind.  I wish that I could just pound everything out in one afternoon, but for my lab assignments, I am usually required to culture things for up to 72 hours.  That makes it kind of difficult to get caught up quickly.

I can’t even begin to say thank you enough to everyone for all their help the past few weeks.  Even now, it is great to have people bring over a meal while we try to get back on track. 

I had so many people who stopped by the hospital to pray with me and to check on me.  People brought me decongestants and soy lattes and remembered that I don’t like avocados.  Smile  I got cards from people locally and all over the country letting me know they were praying for us.  There were people who helped out with Jaden and took him on fun outings and helped his life to resemble what was normal.   People took food to Tim and let our dogs out for us. 

Saying ‘thank you’ can’t even scratch the surface of how grateful I am to everyone who is continuing to help us out.  I feel so blessed that I got to watch the church be the church.   It is a beautiful thing to see when God’s people step up and really take ownership of their community to help out one of their own.  I am so humbled.  Granted, I hope that I am not ever put in another situation like this one; but if I am, I know that God-though his people-will provide.

I am still a little nervous to take Logan anywhere.  We had to make a grocery store run yesterday and I never uncovered his car seat.  I don’t want any germs anywhere near him.  I had thought about setting up a Hazmat decontamination unit outside my house for everyone to go through, but it seemed a little impractical.  It’s just that I really don’t want him to get sick again.  Every time he coughs, I freak out a little bit.  I don’t really want to let anyone else hold him.  He is mine and it is my job to protect him.  I already failed at that once, I don’t ever want to fail him again.


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