My new toy

Isn’t he gorgeous??!!


And…new shoes to go with it!


A couple weeks ago (before Logan ended up in the hospital), I had gone over to the Trek store and put a down payment on a road bike.  They needed to order new handlebars for it, so I couldn’t bring it home then.  Today, Tim and I (and Logan) went over and brought it home.  I spent about an hour getting shoes and having the bike fit to my body.  I’m still waiting for him to order one more part that will adjust the handlebars a little and make it a bit more comfortable.  I’ll have to make one more trip to Wausau to have him put it on when it comes in.

After picking up the bike, we celebrated my birthday (tomorrow) by going to Noodles and Company for dinner.  Seriously, I love that place.  The food is great and I don’t see the need to spend three times as much any where else.

Once we got home, I quickly fed Logan and then hopped on my bike for a quick loop around the neighborhood.  I just did a bit over two miles, but it was amazing.  Here’s what I learned:

1.  My butt will get sore.  I will learn to deal with this.  And I will buy padded bike shorts.

2.  You can ride fast on a road bike.  At one point, I looked down at my Garmin and I was cruising along at less than a 3:00/mile. 

3.  It is a little freaky to clip your feet into the pedals.  I am convinced I will wipe out at some point.  I will end up with cool road rash.

4.  The tires are super thin and when I consciously think that there is only about 2 or 3 inches of tire in contact with the road at any time, I forget all about physics and laws of motion and convince myself that I will wipe out (see #3).

5.  I can’t wait for my first duathlon!  Marshfield Hub City Days.


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