What a Crazy weekend

Traveling with an infant is always an adventure.  Fortunately, Logan did very well this weekend.

The race was a different story.   Last year, I had so much fun running Crazy Legs.  It was the first of three races in 6 weeks (all in Madison).  Granted, the weather wasn’t the greatest, but I ran well and felt great at the finish line.  This year….the only similarity was the less than stellar weather.


It was pretty great that I got to run the race with Tim.  It was our anniversary this weekend (7 years) and this was the first race we have run together from start to finish.  We even crossed the finish line holding hands.  But, I wasn’t sure that we would make it through the whole thing together.  At one point, I told Tim that he could go ahead and that he didn’t have to wait for me.  I knew that if he went on without me, I would totally stop and walk.

I think the problem was that I haven’t done any running outside this year.  All my running has been on the treadmill.  Logan isn’t quite old enough for the jogging stroller yet, so I am stuck in the basement putting in my miles.  I haven’t done any hill work…and Crazy Legs is HILLY!!!  (The middle one is the elevation….the bottom one is my pace-kept getting slower.)


I know that I shouldn’t get too disappointed.  After all, I just had a baby and I know that my body isn’t in the shape it was in last year at this time.  And the weather was very windy, which effected everyone.  But, my legs felt like lead.  I just had nothing to give and I’m so glad that Tim was running with me, or I may have just walked the entire thing.


So, I am going to learn from this race.  I’m going to put together a training plan and try to improve.  Right now, I don’t have any races planned for May, but Bellin is coming up the second weekend in June and I am entertaining the idea of a half marathon the weekend after that.

I started today.  Even though my legs are sore and a little stiff (I blame the hills), I hit the treadmill today for three miles to get my legs moving.  I would love to get outside for a bike ride this afternoon, but as I look out my window I can see some flurries in the air.  (Yes, I know it is May!)  The bike ride may have to wait until after work tomorrow.  (I finally ordered some padded bike shorts!  Can’t wait to get them.)  I’m going to spend a day or two putting together a training plan and hopefully I can rock some races this summer…instead of getting to the end and feeling like crap.

However, the weekend wasn’t all bad.  We had lunch at my aunt’s house after the race…she is a fantastic cook.  She made a veggie and tofu stir fry and three different desserts along with a fruit tray and veggies and hummus.  And, we found an amazing Thai food place for an anniversary dinner (Logan slept through the whole meal).  We did some shopping (we bought some dancing video game for the Kinect.  I can’t wait to try it). The drive back home was quite windy and we were both very tired, but it was nice to see Jaden and hear about his adventures with grandpa…they went golfing!

And the weekend ended with the news that the most hated man in the world was killed by American forces in Pakistan.



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