Orlando vacation 2011

Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekend (me, Megan, Mike, Jaden, Logan, Tim)

Jaden (and Tim) had so much fun at the Star Wars exhibit at Hollywood Studios.  Logan and I ended up leaving early because it was REALLY hot and we were both getting cranky.  Somehow, Jaden was able to keep up with the big kids…they didn’t get back to the hotel until midnight!

Day two was spent hanging out at grandma and grandpa’s house.  Jaden loves the pool.  It was almost impossible to get him out of there!  He also loved the bubble gun.



Day three was more fun at grandma and grandpa’s…more swimming for Jaden and canoe rides for the grown-ups.  We finished the evening with an adults-only dinner at Seasons 52 while Mike and Megan watched Jaden and Logan back at the hotel.



Last full day of vacation.  Sad smile  Had a great time with grandma and grandpa (and the dogs).  Jaden loved spending time with his family…especially his cousins.  He absolutely loves Michael and Megan and he was very sad that he had to say goodbye to them this morning.  I was hoping that the chocolate chip waffles at the waffle house this morning would help ease the pain, but he is really sad that he won’t see his family for a long time.

We definitely need to plan another trip to Florida (and probably New York) in the near future.  I realize how lucky I was to grow up surrounded by my grandparents and cousins.  I have no idea what it is like to go several years without seeing them.  When I was growing up, my cousins were some of my best friends.  I hope that Jaden gets to see his family again really soon.  It was so much fun to see him having a blast this weekend.

Gotta close for now.  Time to board the flight back to Milwaukee.


Landed in Milwaukee.  The drive home was horrible.  A total of four different detours, two stops (dinner and baby-feeding), and then Tim’s jeep broke down and we had to have it towed.  What should have taken 4 hours, took 6…and we are probably going to end up spending $1000 on a jeep we were planning on trading in for a new one in 11 days.

I need a vacation.


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